Thursday, 15 May 2014

How People are Earning With Blogs

Though I have several blogs of mine on different topics, different styles but I don't know why I am not earning from these blogs and specially from google adsense whereas I am earning from other websites by placing their ads on my blogs. Now a days a simple but more effective way of earning through blogs is to create a blog or website for recruitment information of jobs whether government or private job information. Because this is the trend of these days due to over whelmed competition among students and unemployed all over the world specially in India. People are creating blogs and websites to give information on regarding latest jobs and when others search for those information then the search engine displays result for those information. If a blog is having huge amount of visitors the their owner can earn a big amount from the advertiser like google adsense, chitika, yengo, amaderad and several others like these. These websites are paying for in the following terms:-

  1. PPM - Pay Per Million Impression
  2. PPC - Pay Per Click 


Blogs or website with huge amount of visitors are getting more than one lac per month minimum and this is a very big amount just for doing nothing. But to reach for this goal one has to first devote his time, innovative skills and money to create that informative blog or website.

Few Important websites are as under:-

I have also a dream that one day I will be earning from my all blogs and that day I will be writing just way to earn from blogs in my every blog posts.