Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Goal for June 2014

Every month I set a goal to achieve and now goal of May 2014 is going to fulfill and it is time to set a goal for the month of June 2014. So here is my goal that I have to set my goals accordingly to their types and requirement. 

Goal of Money

I want to earn money within June 2014 up to $600 Dollars and this is possible if I am earning $10 per day from all my sources. I know this is not a difficult to achieve but for this I have to work hard than ever because this goal is almost double than previous month goal.

Goal of Business

I want to build new relations with my new customers and the count of my new customers should be more than 10 it means that minimum 10 new customers should bring business for me.


Above are my two top most goals for the month of June 2014 and I am ready to achieve. Do you want to know that how easily I set and achieve my goals then give comments and  I will tell you the main basic mantra for succeeding.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Legit Website and Legit Money

Do you ever received an email from a website that sound legit yet too good to be true? Which is sharing their income with members of the website they are the owner of. I don't know where these people put their brains to get income and then share its some percentage among the members or visitor who are joined through their website. But I don't get it. Let say they are spammers but I don't think they'll ever get any victims by spamming individuals who are not even interested in such offers.

They could have made it more interesting, perhaps if you sent such email to someone promising them that they can make money online from $100K to one million dollars in a short period of time, then perhaps that's where you fail even if we say what you are offering is legit!

I don't think there's any legit way to make the said amount mentioned above, I've heard a lot of successful individuals who are making lots earning huge income online through their online business and blogs but it took 2 or more years to even get those figures.

I once stumbled in an online money making system before and it's surprising how many people joined the program even if the said offers are too good to be true. Sure some of those members had claimed that the site owed a thousands dollars from them.

This is why we need to think over and over again before we decided on something or invest our money on something or else we'll lose all those hard earn money like a wink of an eye!


I have two legit websites but I can't disclose anywhere on the web due to the policies of those websites because they hate spamming and that's why they are not advertise anywhere on the internet. If you want to know about then you can leave a comment and I will definitely give response to your comments or queries within one week due to a heavy load of articles which I have to post on daily basis to earn money from those legit websites.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

How People are Earning With Blogs

Though I have several blogs of mine on different topics, different styles but I don't know why I am not earning from these blogs and specially from google adsense whereas I am earning from other websites by placing their ads on my blogs. Now a days a simple but more effective way of earning through blogs is to create a blog or website for recruitment information of jobs whether government or private job information. Because this is the trend of these days due to over whelmed competition among students and unemployed all over the world specially in India. People are creating blogs and websites to give information on regarding latest jobs and when others search for those information then the search engine displays result for those information. If a blog is having huge amount of visitors the their owner can earn a big amount from the advertiser like google adsense, chitika, yengo, amaderad and several others like these. These websites are paying for in the following terms:-

  1. PPM - Pay Per Million Impression
  2. PPC - Pay Per Click 


Blogs or website with huge amount of visitors are getting more than one lac per month minimum and this is a very big amount just for doing nothing. But to reach for this goal one has to first devote his time, innovative skills and money to create that informative blog or website.

Few Important websites are as under:-

I have also a dream that one day I will be earning from my all blogs and that day I will be writing just way to earn from blogs in my every blog posts.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Today I Enjoyed Social Networking Websites

Everyone is using social networking websites like facebook, oyepages and many other more just to pass their free time. They are using these to chat with their friends, relatives and to like, dislike or comment on the posts they received to their ids and me too. Before today I was just using these social websites for my official purposes but today I tried to tease my friends, relative with funny and annoying messages, posts and images. This makes me very happy and today I will use this for whole day and I know this is going to be a fantastic day for me. Today I  chat with my friends, and few relatives, make new friends more than 50 likes given to others and received too on my different old and new posts.
I was not aware earlier that how interesting and best way to pass our time with these websites when no other work is pending to do. I really enjoyed social networking websites.

I am Back for the Day

In my yesterdays post I had mentioned that I will not write on daily basis and I will write after ever two weeks but you will be glad to know that today I am free and that is why I am writing this post. I have earned 55 dollars in just 6 days or work for guest article posts. This makes me crazy and it was the reason for not updating on my blogs properly. Total earning from different sources is 145 dollars. This is the reason of double crazy. Now I am earning by performing different different online tasks and those are easy that earning through blogging. Few of those look like blogs but are much different. You can too earn with those online task.

If you really want to earn then give me a comment and I will definitely give you solution for earning online with an easy way than ever.

Monday, 12 May 2014

What I am Doing These Days

I am receiving a lots of emails with a common question that What I am doing these days? This question is because I have not post any new update on this blog because I was busy with another article posting websites where I can write only ten posts in a day and nothing more than this. But there is lots of other task along with posting articles. So it made me busy all day and throughout whole one week. Today i just checked my emails and found a lots of emails with the same question as I have mentioned above. So I decided to write a post just to give answer to my viewers of this blog.

I will resume writing post on this blog after every two weeks or whenever I will be free from that site. Due to company policy I can not share that website name on this. But I promise to you all that I will start writing on regular basis after one month and after that I will not give a single day miss for writing new posts.

So stay connected and wait for just one month to read my new stories.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

One Day of My Life is Missing

Usually, people misplace their belongings, some misplaces their bike or car keys, some misplaces their bags etc but I have misplaced one day of my life. Can anyone help me to find out that misplaced day? I am totally helpless and feeling empty without that day, I only know that on that day I was in Chandigarh and drunk at night with my friends and one of my friend told me to write down the incident of that day immediately when I recognize that something is misplaced but at that moment I was not aware that what was the thing I misplaced but now I have remembered and so I am writing about that day. It was totally disappear out of my life days and my bucket of days is less with one day which is misplaced.

I have all the records of my days which I have spent with my friends and family. Few were to pass my free time and few were to share my knowledge with my students and my junior engineers but one day is missing out of them.

I have several other stories of mine and you will not feel bored while reading. I promise you but please help me to find that one day because without that missing day I am feeling that my weight is decreased.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Different Arrangements for Re-Voting

I have used my voting power three times after the age of 18 years the age of qualifying for voting. But today I am confused and several questions are popping out in my mind, I don't know why and I even don't want to know about that because this will make me confused as I am after voting of Lok Sabha Elections of 2014 in Nabha and specially re-voting for Booth Number 140 only as electronic machines was not functioning on voting day. So today we have one more chance to vote and chance for all the candidates who were participating for this election.

View of Polling Booth

I am surprised to see the arrangement of polling booth because there is heavy security arrangement were done by the administration and this make me proud to be the victim of re-voting. When I first visited to the polling booth of my area on voting day then it was not seeming to be secure and safe zone but when I revisited today to the same voting booth and I was surprised to see that a heavy police force and commando force is deputed all around the poling booth and tight security arrangements were seen inside and outside the booth. Why it happens, I don't know and don't want to know. I just know that re-voting is due to the failure of EVM voting machines on the voting day.


I done my re-voting and this is an amazing experience because I have never done this before, I means to say that re-voting. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

What I am Feeling About...?

Feeling plays an important role in everyone's life but it has different impacts on everyone while behaving with each others. Feelings are so many types and you all are aware with these types as I think. You can face feelings in every step you walk in your life. Below are basic types of feelings. I will write about this post in two stages. In my first stage I am mentioning only about the types of feeling and about the detail, you have to wait for few days.

Basic Types of Feelings

  • When you enter in any other person's life -  A major feeling
  • When anyone enters in your life -  A major feeling
  • When someone hurts you - A sentimental but common feeling
  • When you hurt someone - A sentimental but common feeling
  • When someone leaves you - A sentimental but common feeling
  • When you leave someone - A sentimental but common feeling
  • When a new baby born - A joyful feeling
  • When anyone dies - A sad feeling


But apart from above all  feeling, there is one more feeling exists as per my opinion and what I a feeling about is that when I give comments to other blogger then at that moment I feel proud and this can be feel when you will give comments on my post. If you are agree then please give comments and if not then too you can give comments to show your love and support to my this post. However there are several other posts in my blog but I stress you to comment sure on this post because when you comment then you must know that there is one feeling I am talking about.