Monday, 14 April 2014

Change in My Habits

It is the day when one comes in this earth plane and today is that day for me, my birthday. So I decided to note down my good and bad habits for the change in either habits. If I have some bad then I will try to reduce or eliminate and if I have some good the I will try to improve so that others can learn from my habits. After reviewing my habits I identified two of my habits which are responsible in my overall growth and for my failure in my past. So have a look on those two habits:


Positive Thinking

This is the top most from my good habits and due to this I am succeeded in the field and get all whatever I wanted to. Now I have an idea not only a simple idea but a super idea of converting my seconds to money. Sorry i can not share but can sell.


Short Temper

This is the top most from my bad habits and this was the reason that everyone in my past got success however I was and still knowledgeable than them. But due to this habit everyone tried to overpower than me and they succeeded. And I had to restart my life by giving up this bad habit and now I am very happy to give up these and adopt positive thinking as my good habit.


I think, this is enough to make you clear the values of good habits. However, everyone may or may not have the same habits but I know that each and everyone has good habits like me to get success.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Every Bank Can Save Money - How ?

I am a professional for the last 10 years and worked with 3-4 multinational companies. I absorbed the techniques of their daily routine about the work people are doing there and trying to show their ability to overcome from any situation. In MNCs there is a pressure on everyone to maintain their quality in the form of infrastructure, security, management etc but what I feel that they can save more than they are actually saving now because I was in Information Technology department and every time I had to deal with all the departments available in MNCs. At that time I was not aware how to save expenses and how to increase revenue but now I have all my experience and I can tell and if one obey my rules then savings would be high and expenditure would be very low as per actual. So I am starting with Banking System and their expenses vs savings.
First of all, let me make you clear that I am not going here in detail but you can check and compare your points with mentioned below:-


Check Cost - Reduce Expenses

  • Check Raw Material & its Cost
  • Check Labor Cost 
  • Check Cost of Maintaining Material
  • Check Infrastructure Cost 
 These are few major points which needs to be taken care with utmost priority. Because project managers either on IT or Banks are cheating to its employer in the ways one can not imagine but I know because I have worked with them. 


For more and exact details you can comment me and I will explain you that how they are cheating and increasing the cost of Banks.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Inspiration Took 29 Years of Mine

Everyone is doing and succeeding just because of the moment one gets inspired from some one or by anything they see. I am also a victim of that kind of inspiration and with that inspiration I am now a successful person with name, fame and reputation in the locality. However it took 29 years to come but in the last six years, it is with me and will be with me forever till the end of my life. Don't waste time for dream, just dream big.



You want to know about my inspiration? If you don't want but too I will share because no one knows that when he or she may get inspiration or from where. My inspiration was my Big Dreams and when I started dreaming big, I got success and this was happened just before six years. I grab that and make my habit of dreaming big. I am an evidence of big dreams that make me so successful and now I am happy with my family because I have all the things one requires for a healthy and wealthy life.


So dream big and get success infact everything you want or desire. If you have any problem or queries then get back to me via comments and I will reply to your comments within 48 hours for this post only because I know time is money.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Little Earning Became Big - Now Holidays Start

Today I am not going to write anything more than seven - eight lines because I am not feeling well and going to take a holiday for 2-3 days to refresh my body and soul. I and writing this post just to tell you that my dream of having big bank account  is come true and I have receive what I wanted to in the form of money. But this make me very tired and I can say that earning money is not an easy task. And if you have any dream to become a successful then you must chart or documented what you want and what you are going to do to get you want.


I was chasing to my dream for the last four years but without any planning and any documentation. I just dreamed and start working but I was wrong till the date I met with a super natural personality and that personality changed my way of thinking, my way of working and after that day I did not see back in terms of getting money and success. I am not saying that dreaming is bad but one must dream in such a way that it looks like practical. So keep dreaming and documenting whatever you wanted to get in your life.


For more details on this topic you can comment and I will definitely give replies to your comments withing 24 hours. If you really want to see the impact of dreaming with 7 days challenge.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Miracle of Hot Water

Most of us ever think about the miracles happened. It may happen with anyone, we only hear but don't believe but I have received true story of a person who had seen miracles to be happen with her and before that she was just a hard worker and after that believer of GOD. Because there is only One Who can do anything or everything you can not assume. Lets have a look on below story, this is based on true facts and evidences. This true story is given by Mrs. Usha Verma.


Hot Water Miracle

I was doing B.Ed in Sidwan college near Ludhiana Punjab in the year 2007. My room was on the first floor and there were fifteen rooms in a line and five girls in each room. Besides our rooms there were six bathrooms in one line and there was only one common tap or hot water outside the bathrooms from which we could take hot water from the geyser. All the girls could take hot water from that one tap only. It was the last day in college when my parents had to come to take me back to home. Last night there was raining and it was very cold next morning, by a co-incident there was no light in the college and we could not get the hot water from geyser. I was in fact I am still very afraid of cold water. With this cold water fear I entered into the bathroom and prayed to God, you would not believe me that a miracle happened and the hot water came from the internal taps of bathroom which was never happened before. Because that tap was not attached with geyser and there was only one common tap of hot water outside the bathroom. I was surprised because till that time there was no light in the whole college. How it was possible? Who had done this? Questions like these are still in my mind however I know, that was a miracle of God that happened just immediately after my prayer to God.


Believe me if you pray to God with true intentions then God will definitely do whatever you want or is required for you. This is life and miracles will always happen till the life of this earth plane.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dreams That Come True

It seems almost odd that what you think, happens or what you dream that comes true but let me make you clear that whatever you think or whatever your desires, all can be achieved with just a dedicated approach. A goal to achieve and ability to dream with a positive manner. I have experienced that whatever I was dreaming or wished from the last 4 years, is getting in reality. It is so amazing for me but if you really want your dreams come true then dream big and dream with a positive hope.


Now let me tell you about my dreams that come true just by dreaming. Now I have my own House of Rupees Fifty Lacs, a Luxury Car and a pretty bank balance in three banks of my choice. I know you all will also want to have this all but be patience and keep assuming that you already have all this because this is the first step for getting what you want. 


Then keep your focus just on things you want to have because this is proved by science that everything is depends on vibrations that our mind sends and receives. If you send negative vibrations then negative results will be seen by you but if you are sending positive vibrations then definitely positive results will be seen by you. In other words, you want what you think. So think positive and be focused on you desires.  


I did and now it your turn to get all as I am continuing then why you can't. If you have any query or doubt, just give comments and I will reply within 24 hours.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My Wish List For April 2014

I started dreaming for the last 3 years when I left my job and run here for another better opportunity for my life but all was in vain till the time I start dreaming. What I realize that, I am getting all, what I dreamed and some one told me to dream daily and I did this too. No I dream on daily basis and getting all what I dream and you won't believe my approximate 90% dreams come true and I am still dreaming. If you really want your dreams come true then you must dream openly as I am doing. Don't read just try.

My Wish List

In this month I want another $10000 dollars in my bank account. How will it be possible, I don't know but I know that this is possible due to my hard work and positive thinking. I will definitely share about it after one month and i.e. May 2014. So stay tuned and happy dreaming.

What is on your wishlist for April 2014? Do you want to share with me? I am waiting for your comments.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Do Not Read This

I started this blog just for laugh but later on realized that this could be my future e-book and started uploading my own stories that happened to me or with my known whether a family member or a relative. This whole blog will be rotated around me and my well wishers. In the life of anyone, sometime laughing moment comes and I captured those moments in my memory and now started writing about those funny moments. But my idea of collecting funny moments and writing on my blog disappointed me a lot because when I saw on internet, and find that 80 percent of my ideas are already shared by some of my know and friends with whom I shared these funny moments. So I decided not to upload again because by doing so, it may hurt to them, though they did not care about my sentiments.

Now, you all tell me what should I do with them. I am waiting for your comments and surely will reply within 24 hours as always do.