Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Heart Breaking News - A Common Man

This post is just to make you all aware about the google adsense policy and the behavior they treat to their adsense approved publishers. One of my friend told me earlier that google adsense is not easily giving approval for adsense advertisements because they are only for the rich people and one common man can not fight with the google for this partiality. But I did not agree with him but when out of my three google adsense account one is disabled by google stating the reason of invalid click activity then I realize that he was true. I had submitted an appeal form to reinstate my that account but they are not agree whereas I have not clicked on the ads myself.

I have several other options to get it back but I will not disclose these steps here due to my terms and policies but I am now also in the crowd of people that are not satisfy or agree with google bad behavior or partiality with the common man. So this is today's Heart Breaking News from a common man to all the common men.