Saturday, 3 May 2014

Different Arrangements for Re-Voting

I have used my voting power three times after the age of 18 years the age of qualifying for voting. But today I am confused and several questions are popping out in my mind, I don't know why and I even don't want to know about that because this will make me confused as I am after voting of Lok Sabha Elections of 2014 in Nabha and specially re-voting for Booth Number 140 only as electronic machines was not functioning on voting day. So today we have one more chance to vote and chance for all the candidates who were participating for this election.

View of Polling Booth

I am surprised to see the arrangement of polling booth because there is heavy security arrangement were done by the administration and this make me proud to be the victim of re-voting. When I first visited to the polling booth of my area on voting day then it was not seeming to be secure and safe zone but when I revisited today to the same voting booth and I was surprised to see that a heavy police force and commando force is deputed all around the poling booth and tight security arrangements were seen inside and outside the booth. Why it happens, I don't know and don't want to know. I just know that re-voting is due to the failure of EVM voting machines on the voting day.


I done my re-voting and this is an amazing experience because I have never done this before, I means to say that re-voting.