Thursday, 19 June 2014

Required E-Story Writer

Anyone can Write Story

Good News 4 Writers

This is a totally different concept of finding online story writers and we are just a way to promote the good and deserving writers through this collection of stories named +My-Stories-Blogs website which is offering this service. We are  offering few positions in the form of Guest Story Writer, Permanent Story Writer or Pay Per Post(Story).

If you have a passion of writing stories, self experiences, creative writing, imagination in the form of story then you are most welcome and you can earn up to Rs.500/- per story of about 500 characters as minimum length of you story. Rules are so simple to follow that one genuine writer can easily earn from this website. You can write only 10 stories per day. Now don't just dream, come join this wave and be a lucky one to shine in online writing. Your selected story will be published on several websites online.
Please not that the amount will vary from the story to story and it may be from Rs.250/- per story to Rs.500/- per story. Final decision will be our and no one can claim for the amount if not selected. We will intimate to the winner through email or phone.
So you are requested to send your entries on the below mail id along with the required details of yours so that we can contact you. Thank you for spending your time in visiting on this blog.
Your Details:
Full Name:
Phone No:
Email ID:
Bank Account No:
Bank IFS code:

Send the above details along with your story on the below email id:-

Our Email ID:

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Earning Just By Writing My Experiences

Good evening my dear +Blogger-Friends. How are you doing in these days, I hope you are doing well. I am also doing better than before that is why you all are missing me on my blogs. I am writing my own experiences on different websites and getting a handsome amount of money for writing. My last month earning was 600+ dollars which is cleared and reached to my bank account via my Paypal account and still 270+ dollars are pending and in queue of verification and soon will be cleared the the website on which I am writing. I am +Super-Glad now and working hard to get what I wanted before joining these 3 bestever websites. I am earning, it is true but as well as learning lots of new terms in the field of online article writing. Earlier I thought that writing online is a kids task and anyone can write online but no my dear friends, it requires lots of terms should be know about before starting online article writing. the first and +Most-Effective requirement is +Killer-Title of your post which will be a +Backbone for your article.

If you want to know about other terms for online writing then get back to me through comments system of my blogs and I will definitely give response of your questions within 4-5 days because right now I online just for 2 or 3 days on my blogs.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Heart Breaking News - A Common Man

This post is just to make you all aware about the google adsense policy and the behavior they treat to their adsense approved publishers. One of my friend told me earlier that google adsense is not easily giving approval for adsense advertisements because they are only for the rich people and one common man can not fight with the google for this partiality. But I did not agree with him but when out of my three google adsense account one is disabled by google stating the reason of invalid click activity then I realize that he was true. I had submitted an appeal form to reinstate my that account but they are not agree whereas I have not clicked on the ads myself.

I have several other options to get it back but I will not disclose these steps here due to my terms and policies but I am now also in the crowd of people that are not satisfy or agree with google bad behavior or partiality with the common man. So this is today's Heart Breaking News from a common man to all the common men.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What is the Meaning of Suvidha Centre ?

Now Indian Government has opened an office in almost each and every city called "Suvidha Centre". This office helps people to log their complaints regarding public and private offices in their city. This is just doing preliminary jobs before police station. One will go to police station if there is not any satisfactory solution of his / her complaint given by this Suvidha Centre. I am writing this because I have a bitter experience with this office.

Day before yesterday, my mobile was stolen by some one and one formal receipt of complaint was needed by the company to block that SIM card and then I visited very first time to this newly opened Suvidha Centre. There were two girls sitting in the office and one of them attended me with a rude behavior, she asked if I have any proof of identity, then I showed her my driving licence but she refused to register my complaint just because of the proof of my driving license and she was asking for another proof with a reason that this proof is not sufficient. I was surprised to hear her reply because my driving license is Govt. of India approved. Also she was saying that if I am a resident of local then I have to give another proof of identity and it I am from outside the city then this is ok. But my question is that how a single proof has two different validation process. That girl did not register my complaint and due to that I feel that these suvidha centre should have one controlling authority over them. So that they can not harass peoples like this as they did with me.