Thursday, 2 October 2014

7 Blunders while Writing a Blog

7 Blunders while Writing a Blog
As I promised in my previous blog post you can read and learn to remove mistakes while writing for your blogs and it gives me a great pleasure that I am able to write such a blog to help you all. 
So be alert while reading.

#1. Being Egoistic

You’ll be building your personal brand through your blog. You want people to see you as authority and expert on your topic. Talking about yourself shows your expertise.
However, talking too much about yourself will draw you back from achieving financial independence with your blog.
Always keep in mind that you’re not blogging for yourself, you’re only writing for the people.
People visit your blog for a purpose that benefits them only. This can be an answer to their questions or a solution to their problem.
Use the word “I” less and use the word “You” more.
Visitors want to be the center of focus. They want to know that your blog exists because of them, and for the purpose of satisfying their needs.

#2. Failing to do an Extensive Research

In the Internet Marketing world, you’ll often hear the need to always create “high quality contents.”
What does that mean?
Because the Internet is full of junks and over rehashed information, the only way to succeed is to stand out.
What’s the best way to stand out online?
You’ll have to create more value for web readers.
What is that information other articles in your niche currently lacks?
You definitely won’t know the answer to that question until you’ve fully research the topic you want to write about.
There’s no way you’ll deliver “high quality content” without committing hours, sometime, days to research the topic.
Writing “high quality contents” online don’t have to be miss and hit.
Before you start writing about anything, you should first research to see if there’s a need for it. If a question is being asked on forums, it means many people also have that same question. It indicates there’s a need for that information.
After recognizing a need for an article, you should ensure you’re not repeating what other people have said. You’ll need to deliver a unique and more helpful piece of content. Research is the only key to this.
If you can take more time to do research than other competing bloggers, you’ll regularly be delivering higher quality contents to your readers.
Following this simple advice is very important. It will help you stand out in any niche and you’ll attract loyal readers who will stick with you for a long time.

#3. Failing to Keep Promises You Made with Your Headline

This is a brutal writing mistake and you must avoid it at all cost if you want to become a millionaire through writing online.
When you fail to deliver the promise you made to your readers in the title, they’ll become extremely unhappy and may decide never to visit your blog again. I think this is very bad when building reputation.
Take this article’s title for example “Writing Mistakes You Must Avoid to Get Rich Blogging.”
Every paragraph I write is made to fulfill the promise I made to you with that title.
Before you begin writing the body of your content, you should make sure you’ve written the headline you’re satisfied with.
Promises tend to be made before getting fulfilled. Trying to fulfill a promise you haven’t made is a very tough.
Writing after you’ve written the headline keeps you going in the right direction.
Now don’t be afraid to write an audacious promise because you don’t want to lose the trust of your readers.
Readers need to know that they will be gaining something valuable in exchange for their time.
You want people to share your contents with their friends. You want them to recommend your blog to their peers. The only way to get that is to always surprise them with your headlines, then back that up with your content.

#4. Creating Boring Contents That Put Readers to Sleep

If you’re going to become a millionaire through blogging, you need people to start spending more time on your blog. You won’t make a single cent if people visit and then leave immediately.
How can you ensure you’re not making the mistake of creating contents that put readers to sleep?
First, you have to talk to the reader.
How do you do that?
Use the word “you”. By doing this, your readers will feel like you’re really talking to them.
You don’t have to write like you’re writing a college essay. You have to write using a conversational tone that makes people feel engaged.
Are you paying attention to how much I’ve been using the word “you” in this article?
Now you know the importance of why I’m using the word “you” more than any other word when writing my articles.
But it doesn’t end there.
You should also keep paragraphs short and use subheadings and bullets if you want people to spend more time on your blog.
Readers can easily get bored when reading loads of wall text. Breaking your points down with subheadings prevents the readers’ eyes from easily getting tired.
Can you see how I keep paragraphs short with lots of subheads in this article?
That’s exactly how you should be writing on your blog.

#5. Not Explaining Complex Ideas

You’re an expert. You know everything concerning a topic.
For you to pass the knowledge down to people who visit your blog for the purpose of learning, you’ll have to explain it in a simple manner even a 10-year old can understand. Not doing this mean your readers would gain nothing from what your write.
The best writers are people who can explain complex ideas in such a way a novice will understand.
Using industry jargons and big words means people will leave your blog with more unanswered questions.
You should be making the life of your readers easier. If they always have to read your blog with a dictionary beside them, you shouldn’t expect them to buy anything you recommend.
When you explain complex ideas using the word your readers already know, they’ll gain something valuable from your blog and they will be happy to tell their friends about you.

#6. Writing without a Roadmap

This is the biggest blogging sin and the fastest way to upset your readers.
Last week, you wrote about politics. This week, you write about food. Next week, you’re writing about electronics. Don’t expect your blog to take you anywhere.
You’ll be holding yourself back until you draw a clear roadmap that shows where your blog is heading.
You want to become a millionaire through blogging, right?
You’ll have to choose a topic and concentrate all your energy on that single topic.
Writing about cars today and writing about motorcycles tomorrow won’t help you build a community that shares a common interest.
When I started my blog, I wanted to write contents that will help people quit their jobs and be their boss.
You know what I did?
I was writing about every online business. Thank goodness, I realized this isn’t going to help me build an audience that shares a common interest. I had to think deeper about the type of audience I want to attract to my blog.
Finally, I settled down on attracting the kind of people who want to be their own boss, but through blogging.
Assuming you wanted to start a blog about investing. There are different kinds of investment. We have stocks, currency trading, real estate, mutual funds and bonds.
Talking about all these topics won’t move your blog forward. Instead, you should focus on one topic and make sure your blog is known for that one topic. This will help you attract an audience that cares about that topic.

#7. Not Revising and Editing Your Writing

After writing your first draft, you’ll feel cheered and can’t wait to publish your new post. Don’t do that, the work is just half-done. You’ll need to polish your writing by revising and editing ruthlessly.
One, you’ll have to read as a reader. Is your purpose of writing clear and to the point? Does it answer the questions the reader has?
Two, you’ll have to read as a writer. Will the introduction grab the reader attention? Does the paragraph flow well and connect with each other?
Three, you’ll have to read as an editor. Are they any typos, overused words and grammatical errors? Are they any unnecessary points that shouldn’t be in the writing?
If you want to become a better writer, you must learn to edit, and edit well.
I like doing the editing myself. It lets me take my experience to the next blog post and beyond. The more I edit, the more I realize my writing mistakes and try to improve in my next articles.
To become a rich blogger, your writing has to be free from errors.
Although there’s nothing like having a perfect work, regularly editing your own work will help you improve your writing skill.


I strongly advise you to bookmark this page, so you can always come back to it to see if you’re making any mistake listed here.
If you can write articles without making any of the above writing mistakes, you’ll be on your way to attaining financial freedom and I can guarantee you that the world will soon be talking about you and your blog.