Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Goal for June 2014

Every month I set a goal to achieve and now goal of May 2014 is going to fulfill and it is time to set a goal for the month of June 2014. So here is my goal that I have to set my goals accordingly to their types and requirement. 

Goal of Money

I want to earn money within June 2014 up to $600 Dollars and this is possible if I am earning $10 per day from all my sources. I know this is not a difficult to achieve but for this I have to work hard than ever because this goal is almost double than previous month goal.

Goal of Business

I want to build new relations with my new customers and the count of my new customers should be more than 10 it means that minimum 10 new customers should bring business for me.


Above are my two top most goals for the month of June 2014 and I am ready to achieve. Do you want to know that how easily I set and achieve my goals then give comments and  I will tell you the main basic mantra for succeeding.