Friday, 21 March 2014

I am the One

This is because of my unique attitude that no one can define and merge with others attitude. Only I can do because "I am the One".


About Attitude

Some one has positive attitude and other may have negative attitude towards life but I have a different attitude I don't know what type of attitude. Why I have this? Who make my attitude so strange that no one is able to understand it and even I am also not. But I thank GOD who has given me this type of attitude because I am so precious in whole world.

Some people like my this type of attitude but most of time I am hated by everyone who come to my contact. But worry not, it gives me a strange power to understand my attitude towards others.


Birth of Strange Attitude

Since birth I had no idea of what I am doing or what I am saying and more over what would be the conclusion after doing the same odd jobs. But still I did that what I liked. Do you have any idea about what type of attitude I am having. If you have any then please tell me through comment and I will love to read and reply on you comments within 24 hours of your comment.


Please read my new post as I want to confess something not openly but through my blog. This is very interesting because someone has told me about my weaknesses and strength.  Now I am feeling ashamed after knowing and so....

"It's Confession Time".....New Post