Monday, 12 May 2014

What I am Doing These Days

I am receiving a lots of emails with a common question that What I am doing these days? This question is because I have not post any new update on this blog because I was busy with another article posting websites where I can write only ten posts in a day and nothing more than this. But there is lots of other task along with posting articles. So it made me busy all day and throughout whole one week. Today i just checked my emails and found a lots of emails with the same question as I have mentioned above. So I decided to write a post just to give answer to my viewers of this blog.

I will resume writing post on this blog after every two weeks or whenever I will be free from that site. Due to company policy I can not share that website name on this. But I promise to you all that I will start writing on regular basis after one month and after that I will not give a single day miss for writing new posts.

So stay connected and wait for just one month to read my new stories.