Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Legit Website and Legit Money

Do you ever received an email from a website that sound legit yet too good to be true? Which is sharing their income with members of the website they are the owner of. I don't know where these people put their brains to get income and then share its some percentage among the members or visitor who are joined through their website. But I don't get it. Let say they are spammers but I don't think they'll ever get any victims by spamming individuals who are not even interested in such offers.

They could have made it more interesting, perhaps if you sent such email to someone promising them that they can make money online from $100K to one million dollars in a short period of time, then perhaps that's where you fail even if we say what you are offering is legit!

I don't think there's any legit way to make the said amount mentioned above, I've heard a lot of successful individuals who are making lots earning huge income online through their online business and blogs but it took 2 or more years to even get those figures.

I once stumbled in an online money making system before and it's surprising how many people joined the program even if the said offers are too good to be true. Sure some of those members had claimed that the site owed a thousands dollars from them.

This is why we need to think over and over again before we decided on something or invest our money on something or else we'll lose all those hard earn money like a wink of an eye!


I have two legit websites but I can't disclose anywhere on the web due to the policies of those websites because they hate spamming and that's why they are not advertise anywhere on the internet. If you want to know about then you can leave a comment and I will definitely give response to your comments or queries within one week due to a heavy load of articles which I have to post on daily basis to earn money from those legit websites.