Monday, 31 March 2014

The Love at First Sight

Today, it seems that someone is forcing me to open up and do what others can not and that is my inner voice. So I am going to disclose top most secret that no one knows. I think by disclosing this secret there is not any problem because if you have faith in your relations then it is OK and I know that my dear and near one trusts me and knows about my my and my feelings. 


Before continuing, let me ask one question from you. Did you love or like anyone but could not say to him / her due to any reason. If NO then just close this topic because you can not understand the feelings of mine. But if you have ever love or like to anyone whether to your mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, children and another relation then only you can understand and respect my feelings.


I am writing this blog just to share my internal feeling from the depth of my heart to world full of joys and sorrows, love and hate, like and dislike, loyal and cheat peoples but I don't care what others will say after reading this because I already told you that this is only for my well wishers.


I am sorry for wasting your time in above three paragraphs but it was necessary to tell all that I don't care about others who don't care about me and my sentiments.I choose the title of this post as "The Love at First Sight" because you all might have been in love with anyone you would have seen at first time. And I want to confess this secret with you all that I feel quite light every time when I see the one who touches my heart with her sweet, innocent voice I here daily morning or at night. She is my little princes, she is the queen of my heart and I love her from the depth of my heart that can not measure in words, weight but can just feel as I am feeling right now while writing.


So how is the real story about my daughter, if you like this then please give your experience of same kind in comments and I will definitely post your comments in next 24 hours.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Broken Relation Part One

Did you ever hear about the broken relation? I know that you already have heard about it but if not then I will tell today and you will be surprised to know the broken relation. Whether you are knowingly or unknowingly break the relation but the one, who has suffered, can only know, feel and tell others about the broken relation. But don't think that I have a broken relation; I am writing this with an inspiration from a broken relation.


As you know that making a new relation is difficult but one can breaks any relation within a single minute with the attitude one can not like to have in between the two. One says that relation is broken because of the mistake of the other person and other one says that this was first ones fault that is why their relation is broken. But as per my experience that why relation breaks, the problem is only with the either parties not for both. I know you will think that clapping can be made with two hands, ya you are absolutely right but in this case only one person can be a culprit and is responsible for breaking the relation.


Types of Broken Relation 

The Broken Relation is of two types. One is completely broken and second is partially broken. In first type the relation breaks with the deep heart that no one even tries to talk or understands each others situations. In second type the relation breaks with ones or both parties intention that they can join hands after some time and if any third person tries to make or start their relation again.

I will not add here that story of the broken relation because this can hurt someone but I thank God that I am away from this kind of broken relation.



If you have ever heard about the broken relation then rush your entries to me and I will publish the best one in my another post "The Broken Relations Part Two"

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Horrible Night of 2009

Shhhhhhh Koi Hai.......

You have already heard voices, sounds like this so many times in your life but did not face it alone in your life but I have heard, faced and tolerated the torture for entire night and that is unforgettable. Do not try this alone at home or any other similar lonely place because I was lucky so escaped but everyone is not. It's my request to all readers of this blog that you just enjoy reading but not apply to yourself as this is very horrible and may be dangerous for your life. I know that most of you guys will laugh at me but I wan you that not to do this just for a practical because I am writing this post but it my be possible that someone will be writing your story for you. So be aware.

I have an experience about dark and horrible night I can not forget throughout my life and will try ever that it should not happen again. It was a deadly dark horrible night for me and there was not anyone who can help me for escaping in that night. With that single unforgettable night I can say that no one should live alone at night especially when you are watching a horrible movie.

This is a real story and I won't take so much time in writing in details, just read main highlights of my real deadly story. I came to my room at 11'o clock at night and i was alone because all my friends were gone to their home as it was weekend and due to some emergency in my office I had to stay in my office till night. When I came t my room, after changing my cloths I switched on television set and I saw an interesting title of a movie started or ending with "A Love Story". Initially it seemed that it is a romantic story but I was wrong because suddenly it turned into a horrible movie. Now I started shivering and closed all my room doors and windows so that no one can enter in my room. I switched off the light but I was too afraid to switch off my TV set and now began the actual happening with me. By incident a small kitten entered into my other rooms window and started crying due to hunger and cold. Also he started scratching door of my room and imagine yourself at my place and suggest what to do at that time. I started chanting "Hanuman Chalisa", covered myself with blanket and all that I could without even switching on the light.

This was not enough as the mother of that kitten also started crying and jumped on the roof of my room and believe me that was a deadly horrible night and I could not sleep even for a minute that whole night. I getup early in the morning at 5'o clock and ran in hurry out of my room through it was morning and several peoples was walking around my room for a morning walk. But i took the passage of bus stand to go to my home. I did not share that night story with anyone just because they will laugh at me.

Do you have any kind of horrible experience, if yes then you can also share with me through comments and the best will be publish on my blog withing one month.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

It's Confession Time

Today, I' in mood of confession as it is a necessity of time to confess something that I hide from all. In my confession I am not blaming anyone just trying to confess my internal weakness. These weaknesses are overpower than me and than my strength. I thank the one who make me realize that I am not anything without giving up these weaknesses. In further reading you will know that what are my weaknesses I hide from all. Because now without telling those I can not live a proper life. So I decided today to confess about my inner weakness.

In my older post I was talked about a strange attitude. And that attitude is my weakness as someone has told me and also now I have realized that. You can live with your positive attitude or even with your negative attitude but can not live a strange attitude and that is mine.

Definition of a Strange Attitude

I could not define a strange attitude until one has make me realized about my attitude. Before this realization, I was thinking that I am a person having a positive attitude but I was wrong. I am the one who is having strange attitude. I am not so much clear about this strange attitude because I have not any problem with this type of attitude and if with my strange attitude someone having problem then I don't care about because I can not keep each and everyone in my side. In other words I can not make two opposite nature happy with my attitude. Let me ask you one question, if you have a strange attitude as I have mentioned above then how you will behave with others and what will be the definition of a strange attitude in your words.


Now it is time to confess that I am happy with my attitude whether it is positive, whether it is negative or whether it is a strange attitude, I don't care.

Can you tell me that what do you know about a strange attitude, please give me reply through your comments and I promise you that I will reply to your comments within 24 hours.

Friday, 21 March 2014

I am the One

This is because of my unique attitude that no one can define and merge with others attitude. Only I can do because "I am the One".


About Attitude

Some one has positive attitude and other may have negative attitude towards life but I have a different attitude I don't know what type of attitude. Why I have this? Who make my attitude so strange that no one is able to understand it and even I am also not. But I thank GOD who has given me this type of attitude because I am so precious in whole world.

Some people like my this type of attitude but most of time I am hated by everyone who come to my contact. But worry not, it gives me a strange power to understand my attitude towards others.


Birth of Strange Attitude

Since birth I had no idea of what I am doing or what I am saying and more over what would be the conclusion after doing the same odd jobs. But still I did that what I liked. Do you have any idea about what type of attitude I am having. If you have any then please tell me through comment and I will love to read and reply on you comments within 24 hours of your comment.


Please read my new post as I want to confess something not openly but through my blog. This is very interesting because someone has told me about my weaknesses and strength.  Now I am feeling ashamed after knowing and so....

"It's Confession Time".....New Post