Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Unspoken Words - A Poem about my Feeling

This is my another pearl from the ocean of my poems and I hope you all will like this. These lines are few droplets and directly from my heart. 

One can give suggestion to improve or correct these but do not publish these anywhere online because I have copyrights on my poems and published offline with the title #Pearls-of-Ocean

 Unspoken Words

Sometimes I feel about
Sometimes I leave about but 
These are unspoken words and 
Now I want to show 
Now I want to tell about but 
No one near me 
No one care me and 
The one I love, 
the one I like Has left me alone but 
I can not forget 
The moment I spent with 
The moment I laughed with 
Now again I want to live life and
With the one I love ever 
Who took care me but 
It is not possible to live 
Without the one I feel alone But
I learnt to live without 
These are just my #Unspoken-Words

And I want to speak these to the one I love

Now it is your turn to show your gratitude by sharing your views about this poem and the feeling of mine. 

Every thought is welcome to describe these feeling in their own language but do not try to publish this post without the written permission as this poem is already published somewhere and one who will copy and republish this poem in any form without the prior permission may face the legal action against them.