Monday, 1 September 2014

Another Milestone Achieved

Milestone Achieved
Good news for all once again because I have reached to my second milestone of earning $1300 dollars in just 37 days. Do you know that how I manged to achieve this impossible task of earning? I hope that you don't know about. Alright I will tell you exactly how.

As you all know that I am a free lancer blog writer on several websites and blogs, that is just not finished, I also designed 4 websites for other business persons and sold for about $200 dollars for all 4 websites. Then I write 126 articles as a free lancer and get $300 dollars. I also taught online 2 hours per day to 8 students and that I earned $700 dollars and final $100 dollars I get as my adsense earning.

Now it is your turn to calculate these earned dollars as explained above and I hope its sum would be $1300 dollars if I am not wrong.

Do you have any question arising in your mind then get back to me and I will surely help you in answering that. Till then have a good and earning time.