Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Gratitude Poem - Oh Lord Give me ever my Daddy

My daddy is my #Super-Hero and can do whatever I ever wanted him to do for me whether condition is good or bad, he ever tried to do something better for our present and then for future. 

I know that you will say, this is the responsibility of every father but my Daddy is a unique gift by God to me and i don't want to argue on this topic because this can lead to a big fight among all my readers.

Oh Lord give me ever my Daddy 
as he is now 
Oh Lord give me ever strength to 
take care of him 
As he is older than before 
but Still he is taking care of us 
more than 
We have to take care of him
Oh Lord make my heart with 
full of happiness, joy to spread over 
my Daddy 
To give love back for his 
unconditional love for us 
Daddy I love you 
Daddy I like you 
I want you for my whole life 
I want you to be my Dady 
once again 
Whenever I need you 
Oh Daddy you are my Super Hero.

What do you think about your father? 
Do you have same kind of feeling about your father, if yes then you can also share in below comments.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Unspoken Words - A Poem about my Feeling

This is my another pearl from the ocean of my poems and I hope you all will like this. These lines are few droplets and directly from my heart. 

One can give suggestion to improve or correct these but do not publish these anywhere online because I have copyrights on my poems and published offline with the title #Pearls-of-Ocean

 Unspoken Words

Sometimes I feel about
Sometimes I leave about but 
These are unspoken words and 
Now I want to show 
Now I want to tell about but 
No one near me 
No one care me and 
The one I love, 
the one I like Has left me alone but 
I can not forget 
The moment I spent with 
The moment I laughed with 
Now again I want to live life and
With the one I love ever 
Who took care me but 
It is not possible to live 
Without the one I feel alone But
I learnt to live without 
These are just my #Unspoken-Words

And I want to speak these to the one I love

Now it is your turn to show your gratitude by sharing your views about this poem and the feeling of mine. 

Every thought is welcome to describe these feeling in their own language but do not try to publish this post without the written permission as this poem is already published somewhere and one who will copy and republish this poem in any form without the prior permission may face the legal action against them. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Encouraging Poem - Let's be Educated

Today I am going to publish one more poem from the ocean of my poetry and this is for the people who are less fortunate that us. We all together do something to bring happiness and luck in the lives of these types of people.

Let's be Educated...

Not by just reading books or getting degrees, But...
Just by applying the knowledge in our day to day life, So that...
One can learn something from us Or
We can teach to at least one person,
Who can not afford the basic education,
This does not mean whether that person is in our circle or not, 
Whether we know that person or not,
Just teach...
Let us be Educated...
Not by just looking beautiful or
Showing goods we have that and others may have not... 
We can buy but others not,
Just by giving something which is 
useless for us,
Can be useful for others they can not 
buy in their lives,
So that...
Everyone can have everything and everything can be used by everyone,
This circle must be in running condition,
Let us be Educated...
To be a human God has created with 
inbuilt qualities,
To server the humanity God has created,
Not to show up...
But from the depth of heart where
God lives,
Help others without expecting from others,
This is a social cause,
One is looking at you,
Watching you every moment 
you do anything,
With or without your intention,
Let us be Educated...

I hope that this poem is giving a lesson to everyone especially people with kind heart.

And I know that my loyal readers are full of generosity.

So I am waiting for your valuable feedback as a response in the below comment section.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Motivational Peom - Just Walk Alone

Motivational poem by rapidforceads

After 2-3 months, I am back in form and here is my self written poem just to encourage you all. I hope you will find this helpful while dealing with your day to day tasks and especially with the individual with different thoughts than yours.

Sometime in life there are people who get success, do not allow other to move forward or towards success. They do not want others on the same position and that is why they create obstacles. These obstacles can be in different ways.

I have faced this several time but now I am a successful professional and business owner and so I have written this motivational poem for my all online friends.

Just Walk Alone

Walk alone if no feet are with you,
Step forward if no one is there to stay with you
Be positive if Nothing good is happening with you,
Trust yourself if no one is trusting you

Be kind if you get hurt from others,
Always smile if no one is with you to laugh

Try to be others if no one is with you,
Just Walk Alone

I hope you will love and like this poem, this will surely boost your courage if you understand it properly.

Thanks in advance for reading this post and I am waiting for your valuable feedback as a response below in the comment system.