Sunday, 4 May 2014

One Day of My Life is Missing

Usually, people misplace their belongings, some misplaces their bike or car keys, some misplaces their bags etc but I have misplaced one day of my life. Can anyone help me to find out that misplaced day? I am totally helpless and feeling empty without that day, I only know that on that day I was in Chandigarh and drunk at night with my friends and one of my friend told me to write down the incident of that day immediately when I recognize that something is misplaced but at that moment I was not aware that what was the thing I misplaced but now I have remembered and so I am writing about that day. It was totally disappear out of my life days and my bucket of days is less with one day which is misplaced.

I have all the records of my days which I have spent with my friends and family. Few were to pass my free time and few were to share my knowledge with my students and my junior engineers but one day is missing out of them.

I have several other stories of mine and you will not feel bored while reading. I promise you but please help me to find that one day because without that missing day I am feeling that my weight is decreased.