Saturday, 22 March 2014

It's Confession Time

Today, I' in mood of confession as it is a necessity of time to confess something that I hide from all. In my confession I am not blaming anyone just trying to confess my internal weakness. These weaknesses are overpower than me and than my strength. I thank the one who make me realize that I am not anything without giving up these weaknesses. In further reading you will know that what are my weaknesses I hide from all. Because now without telling those I can not live a proper life. So I decided today to confess about my inner weakness.

In my older post I was talked about a strange attitude. And that attitude is my weakness as someone has told me and also now I have realized that. You can live with your positive attitude or even with your negative attitude but can not live a strange attitude and that is mine.

Definition of a Strange Attitude

I could not define a strange attitude until one has make me realized about my attitude. Before this realization, I was thinking that I am a person having a positive attitude but I was wrong. I am the one who is having strange attitude. I am not so much clear about this strange attitude because I have not any problem with this type of attitude and if with my strange attitude someone having problem then I don't care about because I can not keep each and everyone in my side. In other words I can not make two opposite nature happy with my attitude. Let me ask you one question, if you have a strange attitude as I have mentioned above then how you will behave with others and what will be the definition of a strange attitude in your words.


Now it is time to confess that I am happy with my attitude whether it is positive, whether it is negative or whether it is a strange attitude, I don't care.

Can you tell me that what do you know about a strange attitude, please give me reply through your comments and I promise you that I will reply to your comments within 24 hours.