Thursday, 26 November 2015

I am Grateful For...

I am Grateful for Everything I have by My Own Stories Blog

Friends, today I am going to write about m gratefulness about things God has given me throughout my whole life till date.

What do you think, everyone should be grateful for things they are getting?

Lets start with the relation God given to me till date...

I am grateful for my all relations I have received in my life i.e.
  • First of all I am grateful for having Parents
  • I am grateful for having my brothers
  • I am grateful for having my sisters
  • I am grateful for having my niece, nephews
  • I am grateful for having a wife full of love and emotions
  • I am grateful for having two beautiful and worthy kids Garima and Keshav
Now lets start with the things I have...

I am grateful for all things I have in my life i.e.
  • I am very thankful for having a perfect working body
  • I am grateful for having comfortable home
  • I am grateful for having pretty bank balance in multiple banks
  • I am grateful for having vehicle to travel here and there
  • I am grateful for having owned office to work
  • I am grateful for having each and every small and big things which is required to live a healthy and wealthy life
Thank God for giving me everything in life and I am still receiving His Blessing for my rest of the life and my family and belongings of mine.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Death of Life

This is a guest post written by EXOL to publish on my blog and I am not going to give the real name because writer has requested me to do so due to some personal reason.

Here is the post by the guest writer:-

The Death of Life

Have you carefully read the title of this post?

If yes, can you imagine the death of life?

I knew it but this is not a joke and every life has to die one day when it has nothing to breath.

What do you understand by this answer?

Ok, let me tell you one thing that a person stops breathing when others have nothing to do with the emotions of that person.

The second reason of the death of life is when you do everything for others even in your odd hours and that too without expecting anything but when life becomes too hard for you and you just need a moral support;

but your dear one put their steps back without understanding your emotions, the death of life occurs.

Do you know why this happens?

I guess you don't know.

Sometimes, it happens because they did not face odd time. You helped them whenever they were in need and after time pass now they are successful and forget their bad time and so you are suffering.

This is called 
The Death of Life

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Gratitude Poem - Oh Lord Give me ever my Daddy

My daddy is my #Super-Hero and can do whatever I ever wanted him to do for me whether condition is good or bad, he ever tried to do something better for our present and then for future. 

I know that you will say, this is the responsibility of every father but my Daddy is a unique gift by God to me and i don't want to argue on this topic because this can lead to a big fight among all my readers.

Oh Lord give me ever my Daddy 
as he is now 
Oh Lord give me ever strength to 
take care of him 
As he is older than before 
but Still he is taking care of us 
more than 
We have to take care of him
Oh Lord make my heart with 
full of happiness, joy to spread over 
my Daddy 
To give love back for his 
unconditional love for us 
Daddy I love you 
Daddy I like you 
I want you for my whole life 
I want you to be my Dady 
once again 
Whenever I need you 
Oh Daddy you are my Super Hero.

What do you think about your father? 
Do you have same kind of feeling about your father, if yes then you can also share in below comments.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Unspoken Words - A Poem about my Feeling

This is my another pearl from the ocean of my poems and I hope you all will like this. These lines are few droplets and directly from my heart. 

One can give suggestion to improve or correct these but do not publish these anywhere online because I have copyrights on my poems and published offline with the title #Pearls-of-Ocean

 Unspoken Words

Sometimes I feel about
Sometimes I leave about but 
These are unspoken words and 
Now I want to show 
Now I want to tell about but 
No one near me 
No one care me and 
The one I love, 
the one I like Has left me alone but 
I can not forget 
The moment I spent with 
The moment I laughed with 
Now again I want to live life and
With the one I love ever 
Who took care me but 
It is not possible to live 
Without the one I feel alone But
I learnt to live without 
These are just my #Unspoken-Words

And I want to speak these to the one I love

Now it is your turn to show your gratitude by sharing your views about this poem and the feeling of mine. 

Every thought is welcome to describe these feeling in their own language but do not try to publish this post without the written permission as this poem is already published somewhere and one who will copy and republish this poem in any form without the prior permission may face the legal action against them. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

Encouraging Poem - Let's be Educated

Today I am going to publish one more poem from the ocean of my poetry and this is for the people who are less fortunate that us. We all together do something to bring happiness and luck in the lives of these types of people.

Let's be Educated...

Not by just reading books or getting degrees, But...
Just by applying the knowledge in our day to day life, So that...
One can learn something from us Or
We can teach to at least one person,
Who can not afford the basic education,
This does not mean whether that person is in our circle or not, 
Whether we know that person or not,
Just teach...
Let us be Educated...
Not by just looking beautiful or
Showing goods we have that and others may have not... 
We can buy but others not,
Just by giving something which is 
useless for us,
Can be useful for others they can not 
buy in their lives,
So that...
Everyone can have everything and everything can be used by everyone,
This circle must be in running condition,
Let us be Educated...
To be a human God has created with 
inbuilt qualities,
To server the humanity God has created,
Not to show up...
But from the depth of heart where
God lives,
Help others without expecting from others,
This is a social cause,
One is looking at you,
Watching you every moment 
you do anything,
With or without your intention,
Let us be Educated...

I hope that this poem is giving a lesson to everyone especially people with kind heart.

And I know that my loyal readers are full of generosity.

So I am waiting for your valuable feedback as a response in the below comment section.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Motivational Peom - Just Walk Alone

Motivational poem by rapidforceads

After 2-3 months, I am back in form and here is my self written poem just to encourage you all. I hope you will find this helpful while dealing with your day to day tasks and especially with the individual with different thoughts than yours.

Sometime in life there are people who get success, do not allow other to move forward or towards success. They do not want others on the same position and that is why they create obstacles. These obstacles can be in different ways.

I have faced this several time but now I am a successful professional and business owner and so I have written this motivational poem for my all online friends.

Just Walk Alone

Walk alone if no feet are with you,
Step forward if no one is there to stay with you
Be positive if Nothing good is happening with you,
Trust yourself if no one is trusting you

Be kind if you get hurt from others,
Always smile if no one is with you to laugh

Try to be others if no one is with you,
Just Walk Alone

I hope you will love and like this poem, this will surely boost your courage if you understand it properly.

Thanks in advance for reading this post and I am waiting for your valuable feedback as a response below in the comment system. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

30 Days Challenge - Must Except to Get a Free eBook

Hello everyone!!!

I am glad to inform you all that the work of creating an eBook for my readers are almost done and it would take most probable 30 days to final touch-up and publish and I am going to give it as a free gift to my readers.

Readers who will send their daily comments on my blog posts written on BlogingFunda would get it free and for others who are new yet will either wait or can purchase and then download it at a low cost of $1 dollar.

So hurry up, do not miss the opportunity to get it free by visiting on the above mentioned blog and take the benefit of commenting continuously for 30 days.

This is a 30 Days Challenge.
 BlogingFunda - A Community of Bloggers

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

After 1828 Days of Blogging a Free Gift for my Readers

On the 5th anniversary of my blogging journey on this day (11th March 2010), I started my journey by writing free blogs hosted on BlogSpot as a hobby blogger and now a professional full time blogger and that’s how BlogingFunda Blog is born. While I was thinking to create one new blog just for blogging discussion. On the same time, several readers of my blog posts suggested me to write about blogging on different blog other than MyOwnStories Blog. So here is the new blog created just for blogging concepts "BlogingFunda". Many of you who have read about my blogging journey, knows about the inception of my blogs. If you missed reading my journey, today I will be sharing how my blogging journey started, and how things automatically happened that I never imagined in my dreams. First of all, today is MyOwnStories's the 5th Anniversary, and I am happy beyond words would express, as I never imagined how this blog could make magic happen for me and many others. After 1827 days of blogging, this is my free gift for my readers in the form of New Blog.

Now I am in the process of migrating my blogs on a same platform and it will take some time to complete and I will be writing further in this.

Till now I need blessing of you all my valuable readers. Let us celebrate my blogging 5th anniversary. 

Thanks for reader this short note about new born blog.

Monday, 5 January 2015

5 Best Ways to Challenge Top Bloggers

5 Best Ways to Challenge Top Bloggers

I have already written several times about to start blogging, writing mistakes, sponsor your blogs, monetize blogs etc but this is very first time that I am going to write about a topic one can not dare to because by doing this I am openly giving other blogger an authority to write against me but I don't care because writing is my passion and I can write what I think I can do.

So here are the 5 best ways to challenge top bloggers who have hold on the online audience in large scale. But now this is our turn to write and discuss on each topic to challenge top writers.

Anyone can compete with those and I am sure if you follow these 5 simple but best and effective rules, also challenge top bloggers for online writing.

Keep a Note on:

  1. Write longer posts more than 3000 words with in-depth content - Most Important
  2. Develop skills to grab ideas form different sources other than blogs
  3. Develop skills to write on any topic which is in trend
    • Current Trends
    • Old vs New Technology
    • Motivational vs Inspirational
    • Gaming devices and other media for sports etc.
  4. Write killer titles for your post that should shows the meaningful definition - Most Important
  5. Criticize through blog comments if you feel that you can give better than the already written matter

Apart from above mentioned best ways, always try to organize your data with the following checklist in terms of your blog writing. These are another best ways or checklist to make your blog a point of attraction so that you fetch more readers, not only the first time but for revisiting in a search of more valuable and helpful information for the new as well as for old bloggers.
  • In-depth Blog content
  • Focus on Keywords
  • Importance of Landing Pages
  • Importance of Images in Blog Content
  • Importance of Social Media in blogging
  • Be Genuine - Speak your own Voice
  • Start Guest Blogging
  • Invite others to write for your blog as well
  1. In-Depth Blog Content:-  

    The benefits of In-depth Blog content are numerous and the first most important benefit is that it will help in getting traffic from the the search results and the articles which are written in detailed content would be the first preference of any search engine. If you are not writing content on broad topics that is thousands of words long, it is unlikely that you’ll receive more search engine traffic.

    In addition to writing detailed or in-depth content, the last step in getting more in-depth articles traffic is to promote your content on several social networking websites.
  2. Focus on Keywords:-

    This is another important aspect of blogging because adding quality content to your website on a regular basis is a very good SEO tactic but if it contains focused keywords then the out put will be double in terms of readers. Google sees that your website is active because new pieces of information are added frequently. On top of that, you increase the volume of your content. If your keyword strategy has been crafted properly and your content is nicely optimized for the right keywords, adding content will increase your search-ability.

    But how to choose the perfect focus keyword? Especially when you’re blogging and focusing on long tail post and keywords used for your blog post, it can be quite hard to decide which keywords to optimize. In our view, there are at least two things you should do before writing an amazing or high quality blog.
    • Choose a focus keyword

    • Research on most searched Keywords 

  3. Importance of Landing Pages:-

    In blogging or online writing the importance of landing pages is quite on top of all other checklists. I suggest you all that if you really want good attraction of your visitors then your landing page should be dynamic in the form of design, quality introduction about you or your blog and the interesting topics a reader will be shown in a few seconds. Landing pages must be well designed, visually appealing, and easy to use if traffic is going to be converted into something valuable from your blog. This conversion is ultimately the first goal of a blog.

    Apart from above, there are several things that factor into the effectiveness of a landing page. At the focal point, is how well a blog/website helps a visitor understand what to do next. Many good landing pages will have succinct and concise verbiage that tells users what process to follow so that each party gets what they want. 

    This is often laid out in a collection of paragraphs, images, buttons, and fields to fill. There’s a good chance that you’ve been to a blog page where you’ve been asked to give your name, email address, and some other information, click a submit button, and receive something of value in exchange. Further expediting that process in the simplest way possible is what a landing page is supposed to do for your blog.

    Among other things that are important in creating an effective landing pages is the overall visual presentation of the blog. Many blogs look outdated, untrustworthy, or flat out too complicated. Although this doesn’t bother some visitors, it’s not a good idea to rest on one’s laurels and assume that most people don’t care. Consequently, it’s critical to have professional looking blogs that help visitors feel confident in where they are. You can search the web and find hundred or thousands blogs which are written by professional or successful bloggers but even then too shows some flaw in terms of proper formatting. Also some pro-bloggers give stress that formatting is not required but I don't agree with this statement because if a thinks looks good then only it will be getting proper attention and this applies on blogs too. The next question arises about the landing page is that
    Why Landing Pages Are Important? 

    3 Reasons Why Landing Pages are Important

    Above mentioned reasons about why landing pages are important are in-trend now a days and every blogger would love to be trendy but the problem is several bloggers/writers spend most of their budgets on things that drive massive amounts of traffic to their blogs, like PPC ads, social media and email marketing. This is great, but what happens with visitors click on an ad or link in an email? If they land on the company homepage, you’ve already failed because that gone visitor will never come back on your page once left the blog.

    With so much investment in traffic, many forget the second part of lead generation - conversions. That’s where landing pages come in. They help convert more traffic into qualified leads.
    With a single focus on converting visitors into leads, landing pages are all about positive ROI and this way usually, landing pages make all the difference. 
      1. Focus on Conversion:-

        I’ve written on my other blogs about this term that bloggers believe sending PPC ads and email campaign clicks to their homepage of blog isn’t wrong. I usually have to start with why this is a bad idea and how a landing page will improve their conversions of visitors of blog.  

        The simple fact about is that a landing page of any blog, focus on one thing and that’s converting visitors into leads. Whether you’re asking for contact details in exchange for a white paper, download of software or something else, a targeted landing page is going to convert visitors more.

        Think about it, wouldn’t you rather have one page to go through instead of trying to find what you need from a company homepage? 
      2. Better Blog Metrics:- 

        See there’s different metrics you can gather on your blog homepage, but with a conversion with targeted landing page, I really concentrate on what’s working and what’s not for a blog.

        if you have a high bounce rate on a landing page, but a low time on page visit then you know you need to tweak some things in your landing page design.
      3. Cost Cutting on Advertising:-

        In most of the cases, do you know that your blog landing pages actually help reduce costs on advertising? With more conversions through focused pages, you can generate more leads, for more sales revenue from your blog. That in-turn decreases costs and you can put more funding into things like higher PPC ad budgets or other techniques, such as SEO and social media.
  4. Importance of Images in Blog Content:- 

    Presently we are living in the age of visual effects and the age of visual culture. The more your will show graphically the more you will attract. This is the need of time for being visual. In-fact visual content is the backbone of a blog.(this is first ever that #Visual-Content-is-the-backbone-of-a-blog posted by us as you are reading on My Own Stories Blog).

    Do you remember how much you would have read a book with lots of pictures versus one with only text when you were a kid? The same applies, even now and nothing is changed till date, only way field of using images are grown. As you know that a picture speaks a thousand words, and when it comes to your content, that cannot be truer if your image is relevant and Image can add richness to your blog content and also make readers more willing to read a long article. Relevant photos can help your blog audience to feel the point you are trying to make with your blog post as well as breaking up the text making the story seem like less of a daunting read.

    7 Ways to use Visual Content

    1. Screen Shots 

    2. Social Images

    3. Animated GIFs

    4. Charts and Graphs

    5. Slide-shares

    6. Info-graphics

    7. Data visualization

    The above mentioned 7 ways to visual content itself a vast topic to be discuss here. No, I am not going to discuss here and I promise I will be writing on these soon in a separate post on this blog.
  5. Importance of Social Media in blogging:- 

    Now, it is time to be social with the social media or social networking sites and if your blog have connectivity with these social media then you can get a loyal visitors for your blog content and make thousand or lacs of impressions in a day. This will work only if you are active member of these social medias and updating and connecting with your contacts through the media being used by you and your contact list. But make sure you are not going to spam anything on your social media because by doing so you will lose faith of your audience and they will block or un-follow you from the account. The terms (Importance of Social Media in blogging) is first ever used by My Own Stories blog.
  6. Be Genuine - Speak your own Voice:- 

    In blogging one must have attitute is that always be original with your content, however you can take ideas from other blogs but never copy each and every line from scratch, this will not give you genuine readers or revisitor. Write what you know about. Explain with the examples of others of you don't have your own. Always give credits from where you have taken some piece of blog content or any other information which is related to your blog post or the topic you are writing on. 

    If you are not following this most urgent advice then you will be thrown out of the blogging crowd. You can check my small but effective post about plagiarizing a blog.
  7. Start Guest Blogging:- 

    If you really interested in writing a good blog post and also want to challenge top bloggers then this would give most advantage of guest blogging or writing on other blogs as a guest writer. You will be sharpening your writing skills with this simple but a favorable method of guest writing. But this is not as simple as I am writing here because for this you have to write more and more on different topics several times than expected. Even for this you must approve your title from the host of the blog on which you want to write. you can read my post on this topic also and if you qualify then you can also write for my blogs running on different topics. While writing a guest post you are supposed to give your better than the best because a post whether it is a guest or it is being written by the owner of the blog represent to that blog and no writer would like to give a negative impression of the blog to the audience which read to that blog. a guest blogging contains several important factors which I suppose you must read from my other post about writing a  Guest Blogging.
  8. Invite others to write for your blog as well:- 

    This is another best way of writing an effective blog to compete or challenge top bloggers. If you are writing for other blogs then there are several other bloggers who can write for your blogs too. It is just like vice-verse in terms of writing on blogs. So you can opt this also for getting more readers and attraction so that you can become a renowned blogger.

    I hope the above rules or way of writing a top blog post will raise your audience level and you can easily develop writing skills and also can write for top bloggers or even can challenge to them in blog writing on any topic.

    If you have any question then you can write through the comment section or follow me on Google Plus.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

4 Reasons You Should Write for us

4 Reasons You Should Write for us
Image Courtesy:-Matt Simon

How to Write for My Own Stories (plus Guidelines)

Before you start writing, I suggest you to read a warning:

A lot of what you read here may shock and amaze you.

I think this would seem odd, it sounds silly. How could something so mundane as editorial guidelines shock and amaze anyone?

Because we do things differently at My Own Stories. Very much differently.

Most blogs have an easy to publish model for guest writers / bloggers. You submit a post, and it’s either accepted or rejected. Maybe they do a little tweaking, and then it is published.

Overall, it is rather easy. You can get published on most popular blogs far easier than you could get published in a major magazine or newspaper.

We also offer guest posting on our several blogs written on different topics.

But there are exceptions.

In the beginning a small number of blogs become so big and influential that everyone wants to write for them. As a result, they become choosy in terms of quality content, better writing skills etc.

Instead of just writing a post and sending it in, you have to get your ideas approved first. For this you have to submit your post to us via email as mentioned below. You might go through two-three revisions before the post is finally accepted.

For others, we are one of those blogs.

On average, writing a post for us takes 5-8 hours from start to finish. And because we only publish 4-5 guest posts per month, your chances of getting accepted are less than other writing on other blogs.

Well, let’s talk about that next

4 reasons you should to write for us

The reason we can be so choosy is that there are lot of benefits of writing for us.

Have a serious look on:
  1. Money:- Initially we are not giving any money to all, except in some cases and the final decision will be our but a lot of our writers make several thousand dollars per guest post by linking to product and service sales in their bylines. We have no problem with it. In fact, we’re proud of them for being so clever. 
  2. Exposure:- Our blog My Own Stories is quickly becoming most popular blogs on the web. You can assume that thousands of people will read your post. If your post goes viral, as they sometimes do here, you could reach hundreds of thousands or even more readers. 
  3. Followers:- If you’d like to get to know our founder and CEO, Mohinder Verma, getting a guest post published here is one of the best ways to do it. He takes an interest in all of our writers. Lots of popular bloggers also read My Own Stories, and if they like your post, it’ll give you double benefits. 
  4. Spread Social Sharing:- If you are writing quality content for other blogs too, the tell us about it, and if it’s relevant to our readers, we’ll share it on Twitter and Google+. Over time, this can be worth thousands of visitors to your own blog and other guest posts. 
And when you will put all of those benefits together, each guest post you publish for us is potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. In return, we expect the best quality content.

And let’s be very clear on the main reason of excepting your post is that...

Not every post you pitch us will be accepted. We are just considering posts from more than 200 different top writers across the web, and only the best of the best will be published.

We have an editing department setup for received posts and your post may go through two or three drafts before it is ready to publish. After you have delivered your final draft it will be given a second final touch by us.

If you want to get your post published after your very first draft then My Own Stories is not the blog for you. We don't mind to pick ideas from other successful blogger's posts but for a copied content there is not place on our blog.

What sort of ideas should you pick?

Although there are thousands of ideas can be generated for which you can write your post for us but we like Motivational or Inspirational because these topics are current and for most searching keywords on the net.

Here are some headlines from popular posts on the blog:
  • How to write a Quality Blog? 
  • 7 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block 
  • How frequently you should write for your blog?
We cannot overestimate the importance of crafting a strong headline.

Your proposed headline will very likely be our first contact with your post. If it doesn’t grab us and demonstrate that you have a good understanding of how headlines work, then we are unlikely to ask you to write for My Own Stories.

It doesn’t matter how good your post idea is. If you can’t sell it to us via your headline then we can’t be confident you can sell it to our readers either.

My Own Stories ever want to write on the core topics i.e. on traffic techniques, writing tips and blogging techniques. These break down as follows.

Traffic techniques:

  • Getting traffic from social media i.e.Facebook,Twitter etc. 
  • Getting traffic from organic search result
  • Converting more traffic into re-visitor

Writing tips:

  • How to become a good writer
  • How to be a creative content writer
  • How to develop writing skills

Blogging how-tos:

  • How to set up a blog using WordPress and configure useful plug-ins 
  • How to migrate from wordpress to blogspot
  • How to optimize your blog titles for more conversion rate

What type of post should you write?

Many writers who pitch a guest post to us, should take care and try to write inspirational, essay-style posts, we are more  interested in highly practical posts packed with genuinely useful content and backed up with insight, also it should be in very much detail and concrete, well explained and examples should also be there.

To be frank, we like list posts content the most.

What makes a good list post?

As I have already discussed in my previous post that the web loves big list posts and so do we. It includes while discussing about the list post:
  • It addresses a genuine topic with an interesting content  
  • It makes points that are surprising or unexpected but as per the headline 
  • Each point is backed up with detailed research and helpful examples that allow the reader to take action 
  • The points are organized in a logical way that enhances their impact on the reader
You first imagine that the first stage of writing a great list post is to think of all the obvious points to be made on the topic and then discard them. You might even have to eliminate the next most obvious ideas before you get to something of genuine interest and value. Expect to be pushed to take your ideas to the next level, and then the next and so on every time.

When you take an example of someone then don't shy to give backlink or credit to that site or person because doing so you are not keeping their credit into your pocket and this is genuineness of a good writer / blogger.

When creating examples to back up a point, make sure they are not generic and bland but are novel and interesting even entertaining.

Most importantly, make sure you’re making points that readers won’t have heard elsewhere. In other words, if we haven’t made the point clear, don’t go for the obvious or usual suspects. Go beyond. We also love to have the final word on a topic and that’s why we’re also very keen on “ultimate” guides .

  • It should cover a topic of interest to our readers that has not yet received a detailed or definitive treatment elsewhere on the web. 
  • It is written from the perspective of someone with in-depth understanding of the subject matter. There is a sense that the author’s knowledge extends even further than the scope of the guide.
The content should go beyond the typical advice given on the topic and shares expert insights, insider details, or experience earned in the trenches. Even if the basics are covered for the benefit of beginners the guide quickly gets into detail that is valuable to readers of all levels.

Key points are backed up by detailed examples and, where necessary, with links to other essential resources elsewhere on the web. Supporting examples might include actual screenshots, helpful diagrams or a step-by-step walk through of a typical scenario.

Where practical advice is given it should be clear to the reader exactly where to start and what steps to take to get the desired result. If there are exceptions to the process these should be highlighted and alternative steps given as we are doing in this post step by step. This is another sort of helpful guide.

Here are some possible ways to approach a helpful guide:

  • Pick a new or emerging topic from the web where it is simply too early for much quality content to have yet been written 
  • Take a narrow view on a popular topic and explore that one aspect in much more detail than has been covered elsewhere 
  • Pick a popular topic which has been covered widely elsewhere and simply go further with it than others have. Provide extra detail, better examples, more up-to-date information, etc. 

How much longer content should be pitched to write a guest post for our blog?

We do not except a post which is pitched to us with words up to 1500 - 1700. We love and more interested in excepting post between 2000 to 3000 words. The more longer content you will write the more chances for your post to be picked up by us.

The reason we want posts this long is that we are looking for authoritative, definitive posts that deliver the final word on a topic. Posts that remain valuable over time. Posts that people feel compelled to share and link to because bringing them to the attention of other people makes them look good.

If you are more comfortable writing 500 - 750 word posts that skim the surface of a topic, then My Own Stories is probably not for you. However in the early we except a post of about 500 characters but now time has changed and a good length and a well structured post gets attraction in search engines.

How to structure a great post?

A post with some best elements posses the title "Structured Great Post" and frankly speaking, the elements of a great guest post are:

  • A Killer Title of headline that makes a strong, relevant promise 
  • An engaging, empathetic opening that builds momentum and anticipation for the main body of the post 
  • A well structured body full of strong points that give an interesting and distinctive take on the topic 
  • A motivational closing that makes the reader want to take action

What’s the process for pitching a post?

Send us your proposed post headline, you can send more than one headline for the same topic and if your post is selected then we will decide which title best describes your post content and that would be our final decision. Also send a couple of paragraphs about what the post will cover. If you’re pitching a list post (remember, we love list posts) please include a few example bullet points as we are doing above in this post.

What next?
If you think you have what it takes to write for My Own Stories, shoot an email to the owner of this blog at following the format in these guidelines. You can expect a reply within two or three days, not excluding weekends.

Good luck!