Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Do Not Read This

I started this blog just for laugh but later on realized that this could be my future e-book and started uploading my own stories that happened to me or with my known whether a family member or a relative. This whole blog will be rotated around me and my well wishers. In the life of anyone, sometime laughing moment comes and I captured those moments in my memory and now started writing about those funny moments. But my idea of collecting funny moments and writing on my blog disappointed me a lot because when I saw on internet, and find that 80 percent of my ideas are already shared by some of my know and friends with whom I shared these funny moments. So I decided not to upload again because by doing so, it may hurt to them, though they did not care about my sentiments.

Now, you all tell me what should I do with them. I am waiting for your comments and surely will reply within 24 hours as always do.