Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My Wish List For April 2014

I started dreaming for the last 3 years when I left my job and run here for another better opportunity for my life but all was in vain till the time I start dreaming. What I realize that, I am getting all, what I dreamed and some one told me to dream daily and I did this too. No I dream on daily basis and getting all what I dream and you won't believe my approximate 90% dreams come true and I am still dreaming. If you really want your dreams come true then you must dream openly as I am doing. Don't read just try.

My Wish List

In this month I want another $10000 dollars in my bank account. How will it be possible, I don't know but I know that this is possible due to my hard work and positive thinking. I will definitely share about it after one month and i.e. May 2014. So stay tuned and happy dreaming.

What is on your wishlist for April 2014? Do you want to share with me? I am waiting for your comments.