Friday, 4 April 2014

Miracle of Hot Water

Most of us ever think about the miracles happened. It may happen with anyone, we only hear but don't believe but I have received true story of a person who had seen miracles to be happen with her and before that she was just a hard worker and after that believer of GOD. Because there is only One Who can do anything or everything you can not assume. Lets have a look on below story, this is based on true facts and evidences. This true story is given by Mrs. Usha Verma.


Hot Water Miracle

I was doing B.Ed in Sidwan college near Ludhiana Punjab in the year 2007. My room was on the first floor and there were fifteen rooms in a line and five girls in each room. Besides our rooms there were six bathrooms in one line and there was only one common tap or hot water outside the bathrooms from which we could take hot water from the geyser. All the girls could take hot water from that one tap only. It was the last day in college when my parents had to come to take me back to home. Last night there was raining and it was very cold next morning, by a co-incident there was no light in the college and we could not get the hot water from geyser. I was in fact I am still very afraid of cold water. With this cold water fear I entered into the bathroom and prayed to God, you would not believe me that a miracle happened and the hot water came from the internal taps of bathroom which was never happened before. Because that tap was not attached with geyser and there was only one common tap of hot water outside the bathroom. I was surprised because till that time there was no light in the whole college. How it was possible? Who had done this? Questions like these are still in my mind however I know, that was a miracle of God that happened just immediately after my prayer to God.


Believe me if you pray to God with true intentions then God will definitely do whatever you want or is required for you. This is life and miracles will always happen till the life of this earth plane.