Monday, 31 March 2014

The Love at First Sight

Today, it seems that someone is forcing me to open up and do what others can not and that is my inner voice. So I am going to disclose top most secret that no one knows. I think by disclosing this secret there is not any problem because if you have faith in your relations then it is OK and I know that my dear and near one trusts me and knows about my my and my feelings. 


Before continuing, let me ask one question from you. Did you love or like anyone but could not say to him / her due to any reason. If NO then just close this topic because you can not understand the feelings of mine. But if you have ever love or like to anyone whether to your mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, children and another relation then only you can understand and respect my feelings.


I am writing this blog just to share my internal feeling from the depth of my heart to world full of joys and sorrows, love and hate, like and dislike, loyal and cheat peoples but I don't care what others will say after reading this because I already told you that this is only for my well wishers.


I am sorry for wasting your time in above three paragraphs but it was necessary to tell all that I don't care about others who don't care about me and my sentiments.I choose the title of this post as "The Love at First Sight" because you all might have been in love with anyone you would have seen at first time. And I want to confess this secret with you all that I feel quite light every time when I see the one who touches my heart with her sweet, innocent voice I here daily morning or at night. She is my little princes, she is the queen of my heart and I love her from the depth of my heart that can not measure in words, weight but can just feel as I am feeling right now while writing.


So how is the real story about my daughter, if you like this then please give your experience of same kind in comments and I will definitely post your comments in next 24 hours.