Monday, 7 April 2014

Every Bank Can Save Money - How ?

I am a professional for the last 10 years and worked with 3-4 multinational companies. I absorbed the techniques of their daily routine about the work people are doing there and trying to show their ability to overcome from any situation. In MNCs there is a pressure on everyone to maintain their quality in the form of infrastructure, security, management etc but what I feel that they can save more than they are actually saving now because I was in Information Technology department and every time I had to deal with all the departments available in MNCs. At that time I was not aware how to save expenses and how to increase revenue but now I have all my experience and I can tell and if one obey my rules then savings would be high and expenditure would be very low as per actual. So I am starting with Banking System and their expenses vs savings.
First of all, let me make you clear that I am not going here in detail but you can check and compare your points with mentioned below:-


Check Cost - Reduce Expenses

  • Check Raw Material & its Cost
  • Check Labor Cost 
  • Check Cost of Maintaining Material
  • Check Infrastructure Cost 
 These are few major points which needs to be taken care with utmost priority. Because project managers either on IT or Banks are cheating to its employer in the ways one can not imagine but I know because I have worked with them. 


For more and exact details you can comment me and I will explain you that how they are cheating and increasing the cost of Banks.