Monday, 14 April 2014

Change in My Habits

It is the day when one comes in this earth plane and today is that day for me, my birthday. So I decided to note down my good and bad habits for the change in either habits. If I have some bad then I will try to reduce or eliminate and if I have some good the I will try to improve so that others can learn from my habits. After reviewing my habits I identified two of my habits which are responsible in my overall growth and for my failure in my past. So have a look on those two habits:


Positive Thinking

This is the top most from my good habits and due to this I am succeeded in the field and get all whatever I wanted to. Now I have an idea not only a simple idea but a super idea of converting my seconds to money. Sorry i can not share but can sell.


Short Temper

This is the top most from my bad habits and this was the reason that everyone in my past got success however I was and still knowledgeable than them. But due to this habit everyone tried to overpower than me and they succeeded. And I had to restart my life by giving up this bad habit and now I am very happy to give up these and adopt positive thinking as my good habit.


I think, this is enough to make you clear the values of good habits. However, everyone may or may not have the same habits but I know that each and everyone has good habits like me to get success.