Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Broken Relation Part One

Did you ever hear about the broken relation? I know that you already have heard about it but if not then I will tell today and you will be surprised to know the broken relation. Whether you are knowingly or unknowingly break the relation but the one, who has suffered, can only know, feel and tell others about the broken relation. But don't think that I have a broken relation; I am writing this with an inspiration from a broken relation.


As you know that making a new relation is difficult but one can breaks any relation within a single minute with the attitude one can not like to have in between the two. One says that relation is broken because of the mistake of the other person and other one says that this was first ones fault that is why their relation is broken. But as per my experience that why relation breaks, the problem is only with the either parties not for both. I know you will think that clapping can be made with two hands, ya you are absolutely right but in this case only one person can be a culprit and is responsible for breaking the relation.


Types of Broken Relation 

The Broken Relation is of two types. One is completely broken and second is partially broken. In first type the relation breaks with the deep heart that no one even tries to talk or understands each others situations. In second type the relation breaks with ones or both parties intention that they can join hands after some time and if any third person tries to make or start their relation again.

I will not add here that story of the broken relation because this can hurt someone but I thank God that I am away from this kind of broken relation.



If you have ever heard about the broken relation then rush your entries to me and I will publish the best one in my another post "The Broken Relations Part Two"