Monday, 4 August 2014

Hurray...I Earned Aproximately 1000$ Dollars

Earned Money
I am feeling so happy that I earned 989$ dollars from all my resources from 13th April 2014 to 20th June 2014 and soon I will be reaching to my next level of earning which is 1500$ dollars in the next coming one or two month till October 2014 and I know I can earn and definitely will earn this predefined amount or nearby this amount.

Out of 989$ dollars, I have earned 657$ dollars from a single website just for writing my own experiences, imaginations or whatever I could write to attract other visitors towards that website. Rest 332$ dollars I earned from different online tasks done by me and website designing is on the second position which contribute to my earning.

Now I think I should take a rest for another two or three days because I worked too hard to get this goal and I am very happy that i have done this as earlier it was seeming to be non achievable but still I manged to achieve this and now I increased the amount to be earned in my next goal for the month of September and October.

Some one challenged me that I can not do this and my bank balance is the proof, one can verify from the bank if any doubt about this post and most welcome to check the proof.

I know most of you will never ask anything from me but I can show you this and if one want then can give a comment and I will definitely give reply with my statement of account of Paypal.