Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What is the Meaning of Suvidha Centre ?

Now Indian Government has opened an office in almost each and every city called "Suvidha Centre". This office helps people to log their complaints regarding public and private offices in their city. This is just doing preliminary jobs before police station. One will go to police station if there is not any satisfactory solution of his / her complaint given by this Suvidha Centre. I am writing this because I have a bitter experience with this office.

Day before yesterday, my mobile was stolen by some one and one formal receipt of complaint was needed by the company to block that SIM card and then I visited very first time to this newly opened Suvidha Centre. There were two girls sitting in the office and one of them attended me with a rude behavior, she asked if I have any proof of identity, then I showed her my driving licence but she refused to register my complaint just because of the proof of my driving license and she was asking for another proof with a reason that this proof is not sufficient. I was surprised to hear her reply because my driving license is Govt. of India approved. Also she was saying that if I am a resident of local then I have to give another proof of identity and it I am from outside the city then this is ok. But my question is that how a single proof has two different validation process. That girl did not register my complaint and due to that I feel that these suvidha centre should have one controlling authority over them. So that they can not harass peoples like this as they did with me.