Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Gratitude Poem - Oh Lord Give me ever my Daddy

My daddy is my #Super-Hero and can do whatever I ever wanted him to do for me whether condition is good or bad, he ever tried to do something better for our present and then for future. 

I know that you will say, this is the responsibility of every father but my Daddy is a unique gift by God to me and i don't want to argue on this topic because this can lead to a big fight among all my readers.

Oh Lord give me ever my Daddy 
as he is now 
Oh Lord give me ever strength to 
take care of him 
As he is older than before 
but Still he is taking care of us 
more than 
We have to take care of him
Oh Lord make my heart with 
full of happiness, joy to spread over 
my Daddy 
To give love back for his 
unconditional love for us 
Daddy I love you 
Daddy I like you 
I want you for my whole life 
I want you to be my Dady 
once again 
Whenever I need you 
Oh Daddy you are my Super Hero.

What do you think about your father? 
Do you have same kind of feeling about your father, if yes then you can also share in below comments.