Wednesday, 11 March 2015

After 1828 Days of Blogging a Free Gift for my Readers

On the 5th anniversary of my blogging journey on this day (11th March 2010), I started my journey by writing free blogs hosted on BlogSpot as a hobby blogger and now a professional full time blogger and that’s how BlogingFunda Blog is born. While I was thinking to create one new blog just for blogging discussion. On the same time, several readers of my blog posts suggested me to write about blogging on different blog other than MyOwnStories Blog. So here is the new blog created just for blogging concepts "BlogingFunda". Many of you who have read about my blogging journey, knows about the inception of my blogs. If you missed reading my journey, today I will be sharing how my blogging journey started, and how things automatically happened that I never imagined in my dreams. First of all, today is MyOwnStories's the 5th Anniversary, and I am happy beyond words would express, as I never imagined how this blog could make magic happen for me and many others. After 1827 days of blogging, this is my free gift for my readers in the form of New Blog.

Now I am in the process of migrating my blogs on a same platform and it will take some time to complete and I will be writing further in this.

Till now I need blessing of you all my valuable readers. Let us celebrate my blogging 5th anniversary. 

Thanks for reader this short note about new born blog.