Saturday, 2 August 2014

What is Plagiarism?

Have you heard this term +Plagiarism? I think you all have already heard this and most of you would surely be using this while writing online or offline articles. If it is +Offline then it has less impact on others and can be tolerated but when it is +Online the impact is so worst and effected to many like an individual online genuine writer, a community who has already written the same article.

However you can check whether it is published before or not with the online tools available online free and also can report to the owner who had rewritten your article without any prior permission from you or stealing your information this is a cyber crime to copy or republish someone's else article online or offline. This lies under +Copyrights-Act.

You know why it is a trend that someone is copying and pasting other already published articles? To become famous or earn some +Extra-Bucks being generated from the advertisement section of their website or blog. But this is against professional ethics and a cyber crime and one may be send to prison for this if found guilty in plagiarism.

So don't not copy any already published content for few buck, just be original and write your own articles with copyrights of yours.

If you have any further query and if you want to ask something more on this term Plagiarism then you can comment and I will definitely give replies to your comments.