Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Killer Title of your Article

Good afternoon my dear +Blogger-Friends. How are you doing these days. I hope you missed me because this is such a long long time to visit on my blogs but there is not my fault because I am a guest writer on several websites and few of those are paying on every visit of visitors on my Articles and I am very happy with these paying websites for writing my articles. Currently I am writing for 3 website which are paying on every visit of vistors. But can you think why they are paying me for my articles and why visitors are visiting my written articles, I hope you would not have still think about these 2 simple questions.

The first reason of above two questions is that I am using +Killer-Title for my articles and due to these titles visitors can not stop themselves to visit and read articles written by me. So whenever you start writing, just sped you lots of time in thinking about the titles of your articles and if your article title is a killer title then your visitors will love to visit again and again on your written articles. There are lots of other reasons of visitors visit on my article but I will write in my next post about those reasons and if you have any querry or question then you can leave your comments.